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PASTEUR4OA (Open Access Policy Alignment Strategies for European Union Research) aims to support the European Commission’s Recommendation to Member States of July 2012 that they develop and implement policies to ensure Open Access to all outputs from publicly-funded research.  

PASTEUR4OA will help develop and/or reinforce open access strategies and policies at the national level and facilitate their coordination among all Member States. It will build a network of centres of expertise in Member States that will develop a coordinated and collaborative programme of activities in support of policymaking at the national level under the direction of project partners.

PASTEUR4OA/Latest News

  • New at Open Science policy making? PASTEUR4OA offers a starter kit
    If recent developments in the realm of Open Science show anything, it’s that ‘opening up’ research is here and it’s here to stay. 
    The PASTEUR4OA project has played a small but crucial part in this process of transforming open science from a niche issue (remember the time when only 8% of articles were openly available) to the new standard in academics. ‘Open Access’ is no longer limited to providing access to journal articles. The standard is now Open Science - and with it comes the expectation that all publicly funded research should be available online for read more...
  • Financial aspects of Open Access
    The financial aspects – of Open Access is a recurring theme in the various advocacy materials produced by the PASTEUR4OA project. An overview on the price and value can be found in "The costs and benefits to the research community of Open Access: a briefing paper". 
    Different business models for the scholarly communication are reviewed based on the literature, and potential savings are discussed. Transition to Green OA would be considerably cheaper, and less risky that to Gold OA, while Gold could read more...
  • Blog post - Policy alignment to Horizon 2020 Data Visualizations

    Enabling Open Scholarship (EOS), partner of the PASTEUR Project, have developed a set of data visualization tools which allow an overview of how aligned Open Access policies across the world are to thirteen of the requirements of the Horizon 2020 funding program.   The visualisations use data taken from the ROARMAP database to provide a view of the average ali read more...

  • Funder Case Studies
    The PASTEUR4OA project has produced a vast array of advocacy and dissemination materials aimed at supporting and assisting every aspect of establishing or updating an Open Access policy. It has among other things produced reports on policy efficiency, template documents and several case studies. In the funder case studies the PASTEUR4OA project presents two research funding organisations with a strong Open Access policy. They provide a closer look at the interesting examples of the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF) and the Health Research Board in Ireland (HRB) and their respective Open read more...


  • South East Europe Meeting for Research Funders, April 2016

    The second Regional Workshop of South East Europe will take place in Istanbul on 1 April 2016. The workshop (by invitation only) will welcome research funders from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, FYROM, Serbia and Turkey. As this is a group of countries in the process of developing Open Access policies, the workshop will assist them in the formulation of Open Access policies aligned with Horizon 2020 and the European Commission 2012 recommendation through presentations and group work. Advocacy resources tailored to the needs of research funders of the region will consist a further key component read more...

  • North Europe Meeting of Research Performing Organisations and Research Funders, March 2016

    The Key Nodes of the Nordic region will host a workshop in collaboration with NordForsk and the Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen on the 17th of March 2016. The workshop is aimed at research funders and  the major universities and research preforming institutions from the Nordic countries.

    The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum for discussion of Open Access and Open Data policies, alignment and monitoring. It will also act as a meeting place for research funders and institutions.