PASTEUR4OA/PASTEUR4OA Data Visualisations on Open Access Policies Worldwide

As part of the work to develop advocacy materials related to Open Access the PASTEUR4OA project have created a series of data visualisations using data from ROARMAP. ROARMAP, or the Registry of Open Access Repository Mandates and Policies, is a searchable international registry charting the growth of Open Access mandates adopted by universities, research institutions and research funders.  

We are now excited to release the main data visualisation website  which contains links to all the visualisations created and a collection of infographics for use in presentations etc. Most of the data visualisations are based on data taken from ROARMAP on 24th August 2015, though some use live data. The use of live ROARMAP data is an area the PASTEUR4OA team hope to carry out more investigation into over the duration of the project.

The visualisations illustrate questions including:

·         How many Open Access policies are there worldwide?

·         What countries do the policies come from?

·         Which countries have the most Open Access policies?

·         How many policies are Horizon2020 compliant?

·         Do the policies mention APCs?

·         When do policies require deposit?

·         Do mandatory policies lead to deposit in an Institutional repository?           

Visualisations can be used to support advocacy work for open access policies, and PASTEUR4OA will also produce some sample presentations indicating potential uses of them.

If you would like to read more about how the visualisations were created see this post on the Open Access Working group website or this slideset .