PASTEUR4OA/PASTEUR4OA Institutional Case Studies

The collection of institutional case studies produced by the PASTEUR4OA project aims to deliver different views on the implementation of institutional Open Access policies across Europe.

Institutions from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Norway, and Portugal describe several aspects that have influenced the adoption of Open Access policies within their organisations – from the institutional context to the development and running of institutional repositories.

In addition, a detailed description is given on how these institutions got to their current Open Access policies –their inception, the main obstacles experienced and the main motivations. Moreover, the case studies also describe actions that supported the implementation of these institutions Open Access policies and that helped their academic communities to comply with the respective policies.

Here is the list of institutional case studies:

Institutional Policy Implementation at University College London (UCL – UK)

Institutional Policy Implementation at the University of Liege, Belgium

Institutional Policy Implementation at the University of Turin, Italy

Institutional Policy Implementation at UiT. The Arctic University of Norway

Institutional policy implementation at University of Minho, Portugal

Finally, the report Assessing Readiness for Open Access Policy Implementation across Europe completes this collection. It presents a European-wide case study for assessing EU Member State's readiness for implementing Open Access policies – and more specifically the European Commission H2020 Open Access policy. Aspects like the availability of Open Access infrastructure, awareness about Open Access and the availability of harmonised working procedures and coordination mechanisms are analysed, providing the means to assess the situation in each specific country.