PASTEUR4OA/Article by Andras Holl, MTA Konyvtar: "PASTEUR4OA – a project towards the synchronized open access policies in the European Union"

Short summary:

At the beginning of 2014 two projects started to support the open access: PASTEUR4OA and FOSTER. The open access offers a lot of benefits to the science but the authors can’t comply the requirements which are others in each country, institution or research fund. The authors would be in a better position against the publishers if the open access policies were similar in each country.

The recommendation of the European Union aren’t enough to achieve the synchronized national open access policies across Europe. The PASTEUR4OA project will analyse the current open access policies, help develop new ones and facilitate the communication between the national experts of the Member States of the European Union. The FOSTER project support the education about open access to researchers, PhD students and librarians.

The article has been published in the 9th issue of Tudományos és Műszaki Tájékoztatás journal and is available with open access here .