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As part of the work to develop advocacy materials related to Open Access the PASTEUR4OA project have created a series of data visualisations using data from ROARMAP. ROARMAP, or the Registry of Open Access Repository Mandates and Policies, is a searchable international registry charting the growth of Open Access mandates adopted by universities, research institutions and research funders.  

We are now excited to release the main data visualisation website read more...


On July 8, 2015 the Research Council of Lithuania held a seminar "Policies on Open Access to Scientific Results: Present Day Situation and Future Goals". This marks the beginning of the series of discussions and open consultations in the country with the aim to develop the policy on Open Access to scientific publications and data in Lithuania.


Athens, July 24th, 2015

PASTEUR4OA project will bring together research funders and policy makers from research performing organizations throughout Europe in a series of regional meetings that will take place between September 2015 and April 2016 in Spain, Hungary, Greece, Belgium, Italy, Turkey and in the Nordic countries in collaboration with the Rectors’ Conference and the Nordic Council of Ministers (the location TBA).

The participants will exchange ideas and policy practices and discuss concrete actions to improve read more...

In Slovenia the public consultation is open till 2 June 2015 for the draft document entitled read more...

Newsletter #2

May 2015

The PASTEUR4OA project supports the development and alignment of Open Access strategies and policies at the national level to promote the implementation of the European Commission's 2012 Recommendation read more...


PASTEUR4OA reports on the policy-effectiveness exercise undertaken by the project in view of providing evidence to assist open access policy development. Basis of this work was the rebuilding of ROARMAP, the open access policy registry, which was carried out by the project.  A new classification scheme was built, allowing to record and search the information with far more detail than before. The project also added 250 new policy entries to the ROARMAP database. It now contains read more...



Open Access and Open Access to research data are well aligned concepts related to enabling access to publicly funded research.  In this blog post Marieke Guy of Open Knowledge will take a closer look at the Horizon2020 requirements that publicly funded research publications should not only be Open Access but that the data behind them should also be shared and openly available.


This paper overviews the open access movement, defines open access, summarises international developments on open access, and examines the advances made on open access at the EC, MS and neighbouring countries levels. By contextualising OA developments at a global and European levels, it informs the role that the PASTEUR4OA project plays in advancing the EC’s Horizon 2020 OA mandate.

February 2015

The PASTEUR4OA project supports the development and alignment of Open Access strategies and policies at the national level to promote the read more...


This case study looks at Ireland’s transition to Open Access. It includes a brief description of Ireland’s higher education and research infrastructure, and an overview of the scholarly communication systems including publisher output. read more...