PASTEUR4OA/Policy Open Access delle università italiane: comparazione, relazione con le best practice e raccomandazioni

This discussion paper contains a comparative analysis of the Open Access policies adopted by Italian universities. The comparison has two goals: to verify the level of alignment of the policies, and compare them with the good practices from the Horizon2020 guidelines and the recommendations of S. Shieber e P. Suber. The analysis has been conducted with an empirical methodology that involved all the reference persons of the 14 Italian universities that adopted an OA policy, and using as support the registry of OA policies ROARMAP. The results highlights that misalignments regard deposit modalities (time, article version, waiwer options) and the way Open Access is pursued and/or encouraged. In addition, a few recommendations have been drafted from the comparison with best practices,  regarding the following points: enablers of Open Access by Default, support to the “Gold Road”, reuse licences, and open research data.